No fluff around these parts. I'd rather be straight up and let the photos of your pup turn into magic.


A portrait - a photo - a soul... The goal, a piece of artwork that won't just sit in a 5X7" frame (while that's perfectly fine for the office), but instead a piece that will find a home on a wall. In a larger format for your furry family member. Our in-studio session will last until we get the shots we need. Most sessions run from 40-60 minutes. Sometimes a well trained pup, 20 minutes and we have a ton of incredible shots. Other times, 90 minutes might be needed. Think actor headshot meets the eyes are the window to the soul. To learn more about the how's the where's and the when's, reach out using the contact info above or below.


.the proper
.the art
.the cute

The Steps to Success



Step 1, we chat about what you truly want out of the photo session of your pup. All sessions are in studio or in home with the goal being your pup and capturing who he or she truly is. An old soul, or maybe a playful one that just wants to play with that ball. Either way, we discuss your session, and your pup and what we need to do in order to make the session a complete success.


Step 2, the session. In this time, we will use either natural light or off camera lighting. Some of this is dependent on what the final outcome needs to be. And what the photo will be used for. Will it be a 36" wide image being a prominent piece of art in the home? Will it be a block of 4 square images creating a little "you're my best furry baby in the world" statement. Or maybe you just want a handful of awesome digital photos to blow up the social media world and have at your beck and call. Either way, "step 2" is really just ROCKING IT OUT!


And... Step 3. This is where the rest of the magic happens.Creating creating and creating. Taking the images to the next step.


Once done, we decide what best fits your needs we chatting about in step 1. Often times, things change a little and individuals opt to take a few steps extra to bring their furry loves to the forefront. Either way, this is where we want to bring out the real soul that your pup is.


Honestly, this is the step where we hope to bring you to tears. ( tears of joy, obviously. haha)


To learn more about your possible session, reach out below and we will get back to you to discuss pricing / Options / locations and of course, your loving furry family member!!!!